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Ground / 1st Floor
Space / Areas Square Footage
1st Floor Conditioned Living Areas
1st Floor Covered Porches
Attached - Garage / Work Areas
Detached - Garage / Work Areas

2nd Floor
Space / Areas Square Footage
2nd Floor Conditioned Living Areas
2nd Floor Covered Porches

3rd Floor
Space / Areas Square Footage
3nd Floor Conditioned Living Areas
3rd Floor Covered Porches

Pool, Landscape and Driveways
Space / Areas Square Footage
Pool & Patio
Landscape & Driveways Package

Building Summary
Space / Areas Total
Total Conditioned Area 0
Total Non-conditioned Area 0
Total Area Under Roofing 0
Total Building(s) Footprint 0
Lot Coverage Ratio (Must be below 30%) 0