BEHST Builders


The purpose of this Plan Book is to facilitate new construction within existing neighborhoods. Our vision for a sustainable St. Augustine is one where we welcome newcomers on existing infrastructure and services. The option to walk or bike to entertainment and shopping is a gift we are compelled to share. We believe that Buildings should be Efficient, Healthy, Sturdy and Timeless (B.E.H.S.T.) and that each home should be unique. This Plan Book includes a variety of one and two story home plans, garages, and pricing options.

Our goal is to provide an efficient design and pricing system to help customers confidently complete their due diligence when looking to buy a lot and then build their dream home. We bring experience in planning, zoning, design, and construction to frame a home design and budget quickly and affordably. While we know that several of the plans included in this book are solid plans ready for most any lot, do not let these plans limit your options. 

We have organized our plan book with houses separated from garages and other accessory buildings. We like detached garages for the following reasons:

  1. More windows on the house for greater day lighting
  2. Better indoor air quality-no fumes from garage leaching into the home
  3. Garage provides visual anchor and privacy in the back yard
  4. Lower homeowners insurance rates

Of course in some situations, an attached garage is either unavoidable or very practical. If an attached garage is preferred, we can accommodate easily as long as the lot dimensions support it. We also offer both attached and detached guest suites in case you need to accommodate a relative for frequent or extended stays.

Packages can be combined and many items can be selected individually for even greater flexibility. Our commitment to our customers is that we will provide you with a guaranteed contract price within a few days. We do a first take on the lot size, setbacks, and zoning restrictions to ensure the chosen plan works with the chosen lot. We verify the utility tap fees, impact fees, permitting, and site work to ensure we provide an accurate price.

If one of our existing designs doesn’t suit that lot, we will design a plan that does. We work with several different architects, draftspeople, and engineers to suit individual preferences and styles.  Do you already have a design in mind?  That is no problem either.  We can take your plan and work with it in any way necessary to get to the right final design and all necessary construction documents for permitting.  We firmly believe that having a builder participate in the design process helps to ensure that the design and the budget are developed in tandem so that time and energy are not wasted on designs that don't fit within the customer's budget.  Having been in the home design and building industry for nearly fifteen years we are confident we can add vallue to any project from beginning to end.